Wednesday, 12 September 2012

ROBOSAS Workshop – Robotics

We held a joint workshop in the Essex Robot Arena between JPL and Essex on the special topic of Robotics.

Here is the program of the day:

09:30 Huosheng Hu – Introduction of Essex robotics research
09:40 Adrian Stoica – Human-cantered robotics: learning & multi-robot control
10:10 Yumi Iwashita – Visual recognition for robots
10:30 Adrian Clark – Learning to see
10:50 Theo Theodoridis – Multi-modality control of multiple robots
11:30 James Cannan – Robot management and wearable technology
11:50 Ericka Rechy-Ramirez – Facial expressions based control of wheelchair
12:10 Lunch
14:00 John Woods – Region based analysis of images for robots
14:30 Ling Chen – IMU/GPS based pedestrian localization
14:50 Hossein Farid Ghassem Nia – Bayesian decision theory for optical counting
15:10 Sen Wang – Localization in wireless sensor networks
15:30 Potential collaboration discussion in Room 1NW.3.7
17:30 End

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Klaus visit's at JPL this Summer

Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier, who leads this collaborative EPSRC Global Engagement Project with NASA, visited JPL this Summer. Klaus is interested in looking at increased reliability for hardware and software architectures in robotic systems. These systems include extra-terrestrial robotic rovers such as the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory, which recently successfully landed on Mars where it will undertake a series of experiments. Curiosity relies on complex programmable control systems and an enormous amount of dedicated software which must be extremely reliable as it is deployed in such a remote location.

Klaus commented ‘It was extremely exciting being at NASA JPL when Curiosity successfully landed and it will be very interesting as it embarks on fundamental experiments which should give us great insights into the structure and characteristics of Mars.’